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Steamies Tigernut & Toffee Boilies (TNT)



Steamies from IndividualBaits – Gourmet Carp Baits / Carp Food for fish that definitely know better.

Tigernut & Toffee Boilies (TNT)

Steamies are the flagship product in the Individual Baits Range, our Steamies are gourmet carp food. Why do we steam our baits? Boiling baits will denature them by 66% as scientifically proved with vegetables, whilst denaturing by only 11% when steaming your baits, therefore steaming baits retains 55% more of the contents.


Please note all our baits are sent straight from the supplier to ensure they remain fresh.  

We aim to deliver within 7 working days of your order. Bait is posted on a next day delivery service.

 All boilie orders are dispatched on the day of manufacture to ensure it arrives fresh.


Approx 70x12mm’s or 50x16mm’s per pot

Approx 70x12mm’s or 50x16mm’s per pot

Hookbait Paste & Matching Rocket Fuel PVA Friendly Liquid/Glug

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Steamies Tigernut & Toffee Boilies (TNT)

  • All Steamies are available in 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm (12mm +£1 per kilo)
  • All Steamies are available in 3 sizes of Dumbbells, Small, Large & Extra Large.
  • Available to order in bulk 20kg, 50kg and 100kg . Call for a great price.
  • Rolled fresh to Order, once delivered best kept frozen for maximum freshness


Pop Ups – Matching Colour or Fluoro WHITE

  • Extremely buoyant
  • Guaranteed to stay a float for 48hours.
  • Highly regarded as the most buoyant Pop Ups available on the market today.


  • Critically balanced hook baits are all made by hand.
  • Test each batch to balanced perfection so they just sink under the weight of the rig..
  • Slow sinking perfectly presented rig with every cast.


  • Made to the exact same recipe as the Steamies range.
  • Designed to give you more pulling power and get them carp grazing towards the hook baits quicker.
  • Wrap around leads for added attraction and extra concealment
  • Wrap around cork balls for quicker bites
  • Mixed fresh to Order, once delivered best kept frozen for maximum freshness

Rocket Fuel

  • Very thick double strength PVA friendly liquid booster which gives a great coating to hook baits.
  • The Rocket Fuel coating will make it all the way to the bottom yet over time it will still completely dissolves in water to keep boosting your swim for hours.

Give your self a devastating edge 365 days a year.


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